Green and Roasted Coffee Exports

Green and Roasted Coffee Exports

Competitively priced express shipping via DHL

We have been exporting out of Colombia small-batch specialty green and roasted coffee since 2017. 

Thus far we have shipped coffee to North America, the Caribbean, Australia, and Western Europe. 

The coffee is shipped via DHL express which allows us to deliver fresh beans as quickly as one week after the harvest and drying process is completed. Such freshness is only possible through our small batch, express delivery model

The coffee we sell is primarily produced in our own farm but we also sell the coffee from some of our neighbors who do an impeccable job with their product. 

We have in stock semi-washed, honey, and fully washed coffees. Currently, we are working with the Caturra, Colombia, and yellow bourbon varietals. 

If you like to inquire about our current offerings and prices please email us or chat with us on WhatsApp

Get fresh coffee from Colombia delivered to your door in record time!

Green coffee being delivered to a client in Canada
Packaging roasted coffee shipping to the Dominican Republic

Additional Exporting Services

If you want to buy coffee from a Colombian farmer but don't know how to export coffee out of Colombia wonder no more, we can help you with that. Get in touch with us to inquire about our, on behalf of a third party green and roasted exporting services. We will ship the coffee of any of your favorite Colombian farmers to you. This service is also offered under the express shipping model, we can send as low as 2 kg and up to 60 kg per shipment. 

So far we have offered this service to shops in Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the US.